About the game

In this game a random sequence of polycubes (3D pieces composed of cubes) are falling on the 3D gamefield. The objective of the game is to rotate and move these pieces, with the aim of creating layers of blocks without gaps. When such a layer is created, it disappears, and any block above the completed layer will fall down one step. With time the game gets harder as the pieces are falling faster and faster.

The basic concept is the same as in the very popular and well-known 2D version of the game.

The size of the game field and the complexity of the polycubes can be changed, so you can make the game easier or more challenging as you like. With complex polycubes it is more brainwork to figure out where to put the pieces and the game becomes similar to a puzzle, while the simpler variations allow for a more fast-paced game.

The pieces can be manipulated with buttons, or by tap and drag. (see the how to play section)

The game can be played on iPhone or iPod touch. You can get it from the iTunes Appstore.